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Fully integrated system

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Instant access to 100s of appointments

Claim as many or as few appointments as you like

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Work where you want to work

Work from home, the office, or anywhere in the world

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Use your laptop, mobile or tablet

Our app is entirely browser based, and can be used from any device

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Be your own boss

Pick and choose your hours and your appointments

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As easy as one, two, three


Create your

Sign up for an account and be activated within minutes


Select your

Choose appointments based on time and field of law


Speak to your

Video chat with your clients in your browser - no downloads!

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How secure is this service? Will my consultation be confidential?

Your consultation will be completely confidential - the same as if you were speaking to a client in your own office. And with SSL technology encrypting and protecting your information, you can be sure of the privacy of any information transmitted through Push Law.

How do I connect to clients?

Our dashboard shows a list of available appointments made by clients looking for legal advice, along with the area of law they are looking for advice in, and the timeslot they have booked the appointment for. You can 'claim' a booking from a client and, at the time of the appointment, begin a video consultation with that client via the dashboard application, speaking to the client and offering any advice they require. Once the appointment is over, simply end the appointment and you can begin the next.

What can I give advice on?

Right now, Push Law focuses on four areas of law: Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family Law and Probate Law. You can accept appointments from any of these four areas, and offer advice to clients

How will this help my firm?

It is inevitable that a clients problems require more than just a 15 minute consultation, and we encourage solicitors to offer personal contact options with clients they are unable to help fully during their booked appointment slot.